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Bath spout with diverter is A faucet collection which Celebrates the Edge. Modern Life Edge reinvents the cubist design and delivers a faucet. Which celebrates the edge of straight-line design. It captures the fineness of slim just poses with a strong expressive. The stance in a rectilinear faucet of bathroom.


  • Precision & Technology: This finesse is delivers with leading edge technology which maintains an elegant form with precision machining and craftsmanship. High Precision Machines Product with a crisp handle and a thin spout 14mm (vs Aleo 19mm and avid 17mm)
  • Light Bright: Lasting finishes like 2 times longer than Industry finishes. But, Kohler chrome products have 3 layer of coating for added protection to resist wear and corrosion longer.
  • Life 50 :Test for 50 years of life . So, Kohler’s unique cartridges have near diamond hardness ceramic discs which grind debris and have a polishing effect for smooth and precise operation. They are tested for 2X industry standard at 1Mn cycle to give up to 50 years of performance .
  • Superior reach : So, Avoids contact with the vessel wall even at low pressure.

About Company

A & A Corporation, an authorized Kohler dealer with a robust supply chain spanning across Telangana and andhra pradesh has solidified its position as a premier destination for manufacturing and distributing Jal Jeevan Mission products nationwide. Since 2023 and we are embarkes on a dealership journey with Kohler and offering their esteemed products like both for retail and project purposes. But Our overarching goal is to elevate our presence in the bath fitting and sanitary sector and solidifying our commitment to excellence and innovation.

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We are Authorised Dealers of Kohler Products. We have 20+ Years Experience in Water Connection Fittings and Bathfittings/Sanitory Product
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