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INSTAFLUSH The Kohler 26351IN-P-NA is likely a model number for a Kohler kitchen faucet or related fixture. However, without additional context or specific information, it’s challenging to provide a detailed description of this product.

In Kohler’s model numbers, each part typically represents specific features or characteristics of the product. Here’s a breakdown of what each part might represent:

  1. 26351IN: This part of the model number likely refers to the specific series or model of the Kohler fixture. It helps identify the particular design or style of the product within Kohler’s product lineup.
  2. P: This letter could denote various features or options of the fixture, such as the type of handle (e.g., single handle, dual handle) or other design elements. Without more context, it’s challenging to determine its exact meaning.
  3. NA: This part of the model number may indicate the region or market for which the product is intend. “NA” often stands for North America, suggesting that the fixture is designed for use in North American markets.

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A & A Corporation, an authorized Kohler dealer with a robust supply chain spanning across Telangana and andhra pradesh has solidified its position as a premier destination for manufacturing and distributing Jal Jeevan Mission products nationwide.Since 2023 and we are embarkes on a dealership journey with Kohler and offering their esteemed products like both for retail and project purposes.But Our overarching goal is to elevate our presence in the bath fitting and sanitary sector and solidifying our commitment to excellence and innovation.

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