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Sleek and contemporary, the Forefront Rectangle vessel-style sink features a wide, shallow basin and rounded edges in true minimalist fashion. Countertop installation ensures this sink will stand out in your bathroom as a striking focal point.
Dimensions & Measurements


  • Single Faucet Hole
  • Straight line with rounded edges
  • Soft surface curves for easy daily cleaning

    Redefining Efficiency and Functionality in Modern Maritime Design
    This vessel represents a bold leap forward in efficiency, functionality, and versatility, setting new standards for maritime transportation.

    Unveiling the Forefront Rectangle Vessel:
    As the curtain rises on the Forefront Vessel, especially observers are captivated by its striking geometric design.

    Efficiency Redefined
    At the core of the Kohler’s Forefront Vessel lies a commitment to efficiency that permeates every aspect of its design. By optimizing the use of space through its rectangular form, eventually this ship boasts unparalleled cargo capacity.

    Versatility in Action:
    The Forefront Vessel is engineered to excel in a multitude of maritime applications, thanks to its versatile design. Whether serving as a cargo carrier, research vessel, or floating platform for specialized operations.

    Safety and Stability:
    Despite its unconventional shape, the Forefront Rectangle Vessel prioritizes safety and stability above all else. Advanced stabilization systems and cutting-edge navigation technologies ensure smooth sailing even in challenging conditions.

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