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The new Fore Arc SC lav faucet, inspired by Neomodern style is your gateway to the future .It emphasizes on clean and futuristic aesthetics , monolithic volumes and functionality . Combining an aerodynamic profile with sleek contours , this faucet collection is a blend of design and sustainable performance providing a spectrum of expressive range of faucets .

Kohler Fore range has a spectrum of expression, which gives freedom of choice. Unlike the current conventional faucets, it is way more expressive and sophisticated.

  • CORE STRENGTH: No compromise in design Strong Neckline and a Thicker trunk
  • SEAMLESS DESIGN : Modern detailing Hidden aerator with no escutcheon gives clean lines which reduces visual clutter

  • STRONG BRASS CONSTRUCTION :Single body brass construction.

    Enhancing Your Bathroom Experience with the Fore Arc SC lav faucet
    In the realm of bathroom fixtures, the Fore Line Faucet stands out as a beacon of sophistication and practicality.

    Aesthetic Excellence
    At first glance, the Fore Line SC Lav Faucet captivates with its contemporary design and clean lines. Crafted with precision, its sleek silhouette exudes elegance and modernity, chiefly making it a perfect complement to any bathroom decor.

    Quality Craftsmanship
    Beyond its striking appearance, the Fore Line SC Lav Faucet boasts superior craftsmanship and durability. Constructed from high-quality materials, such as solid brass, it ensures longevity and resilience against everyday wear and tear.

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