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29959IN-BL - ML EDGE™ DF HEX 425X330MM(17"X13") RP-Lux-H

Enjoy warm summer rain experience with a powerful, consistent overhead shower full coverage spray, and gentle cloud mist streams designed to soothe skin cells leaving you revitalized.

The innovative two-function rain head contemporary, minimalist design when paired with mesmerizing matte black finish adds a sophisticated modern appeal to your bathroom.

Modern life Edge is the quintessential expression of today’s modern aesthetic movement. The Hexagonal shape creates contrast between fluid blends and sharp lines exuding sophistication and refinement. Ceiling flushed design is true to its origins in minimalism.

Generates microdroplets ideal to maintain heat in the environment which gives you a warmer almost steam like effect in your daily shower.

Wide coverage rain spray with 5.9 lpm even @0.5 bar pressure for an indulgent, luxurious showering experience, with a sizeable spray face area.

The Kohler finish promises endurance, resisting corrosion, tarnishing and wear two times longer than the industry standard.
With a 12-year warranty for the shower head. Please refer the Kohler Standard Warranty Policy for complete details.

Elevating Bathing to New Heights with Contemporary Elegance
In the realm of modern bathroom design, the Overhead Shower Modern Life emerges as a beacon of sophistication and indulgence. basically Offering a seamless blend of cutting-edge technology and timeless elegance.

Unparalleled Showering Comfort
The centerpiece of the Overhead Shower Modern Life is its expansive showerhead, designed to envelop the user in a cascade of rejuvenating water. Crafted with precision-engineered nozzles, basically it delivers a voluminous flow that gently caresses the skin.

Kohler provide various type of Shower head
this one is modern life over head shower which comes with various finishes such as french gold and matte black.

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