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Dual flush
Pneumatic time delay delivers superior flush accuracy & repeatability
Replaceable dual stage In-Line filter made of Stainless Steel
Adjustable flushing volume with no effect on flow rate
Remote installation possible
kohler‘s valve made of high grade molded plastic & brass

Enhancing Bathroom Efficiency: The Flush Valve

While often overlooked, the flush valve plays a crucial role in the functionality and efficiency of modern bathrooms. This unsung hero of plumbing ensures the effective removal of waste from toilets, contributing to hygiene and sanitation. In this text, accordingly we’ll explore the importance of flush valves and how they enhance bathroom efficiency.

The Role of the Flush Valve
The valve is a key component of the toilet’s flushing mechanism. Located inside the toilet tank, it controls the release of water into the bowl when the flush lever is activated. This sudden influx of water creates a powerful force that carries waste from the bowl through the drain pipe and into the sewage system.

Efficiency and Water Conservation
One of the primary benefits of modern flush valves is their ability to deliver powerful flushes while conserving water. Traditional flush valves used a large volume of water with each flush, resulting in unnecessary water wastage. However, newer models feature innovative designs that optimize water usage without compromising flushing performance.

Hygiene and Sanitation
Effective waste removal is essential for maintaining hygiene and sanitation in bathrooms. A malfunctioning or inefficient flush valve can result in incomplete flushing, leaving behind residue and unpleasant odors.

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