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46112 - SCREW 5/16-18 X .31-Pre-H

  1. Type: The Kohler 46112 Screw is a standard machine screw, featuring external threads along its entire length and a blunt end. Machine screws are commonly used to fasten metal parts together and are compatible with tapped holes or nuts.
  2. Thread Size: The screw has a thread size of 5/16-18, indicating that it has a diameter of 5/16 inches and 18 threads per inch. This thread size is a standard measurement used in American National Coarse (UNC) threaded fasteners.
  3. Length: The screw has a length of 0.31 inches (5/16 inch), measured from the tip to the underside of the head. This length is crucial for determining compatibility with the specific Kohler product or application for which it is intended.
  4. Material: Screws are commonly made from materials such as steel, stainless steel, brass, or other metals, depending on factors such as strength requirements, corrosion resistance, and environmental conditions.
  5. Head Type: The head of the screw may feature various types such as pan, flat, oval, or round. The specific head type of the Kohler 46112 Screw is not provided.
  6. Drive Type: The drive type refers to the type of tool used to install or remove the screw. Common drive types include Phillips, slotted, hex, or Torx. The specific drive type of the Kohler 46112 Screw is not provided.
  7. Pre-H: The “Pre-H” designation may indicate that this screw is intended for use with a specific generation or version of Kohler products. “Pre-H” could refer to products manufactured before a certain design change or update, suggesting compatibility with older Kohler fixtures.

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