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49932 - WASHER-Pre-H

  1. Purpose: Washers are used to distribute the load of a threaded fastener, such as a screw or bolt, over a larger surface area. They help prevent damage to the material being fastened and provide a more secure connection.
  2. Material: Washers are commonly made from metal, plastic, or rubber, depending on the specific application requirements. Metal washers are durable and provide good load distribution, while rubber or plastic washers may offer vibration damping or sealing properties.
  3. Dimensions: The specific dimensions of the Kohler 49932 Washer, such as inner diameter, outer diameter, and thickness, are not provided. However, these dimensions are crucial for determining compatibility with the specific Kohler product or application for which it is intended.
  4. Compatibility: It’s important to ensure that the Kohler 49932 Washer is compatible with the specific Kohler product or application for which it is intended. Proper fitment and compatibility are essential for achieving a secure and reliable connection.
  5. Application: The Kohler 49932 Washer is designed for use in specific Kohler products or applications where a washer of this size and type is required. It may be used in plumbing fixtures, mechanical assemblies, or other systems where washers are necessary for proper installation or function.

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