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Be it innovative design, best-in-class performance, easy maintenance or unquestioned safety, Kohler®
Shower Enclosures allow you to raise your showering experience by several notches.

Elegant and stylish design with rounded edges.

Maximum Running Length: 1200mm

Height: 2000 mm

Design Match – High quality handles with distinguished design. Handles, Hinges, Brace bar and clips are all design matched

No leaks – Door Skirting & Seamless sealing strip forms a water tight seal ensures no leaks. Seals are UV treated that are resistant to turn yellow

Easy Clean – Kohler CleanCoat™ ensures easy cleaning

Redefining Collaboration and Connectivity for an Integrated Tomorrow
In a world driven by interconnected technologies, the Trilogy Partition Shower door emerges as a transformative force. ushering in a new era of seamless integration and collaborative efficiency.

Breaking Down Barriers:
The Trilogy Partition Shower door is a bold step towards breaking down traditional barriers that hinder collaboration. With its innovative partitioned design, accordingly this trilogy seamlessly integrates multiple functionalities. This shower door vary from another showerdoor of kohler

Connectivity Redefined:
At the core of this trilogy lies a commitment to redefining connectivity. The PARTITION’s design facilitates a harmonious interaction between different functions, creating a cohesive ecosystem that enhances user experience. Whether it’s the integration of software applications or the seamless interaction between hardware components.
Apart from this kind of shower enclosure we have another type of shower enclosure like 704702in-shp-new-trilogy-2d3p

As the NEW TRILOGY PARTITION takes center stage, it marks a paradigm shift in the world of integrated technology. This trilogy not only redefines connectivity but also sets the stage for a future where collaboration and efficiency go hand in hand.

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