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Bring the invigorating freshness of a summer rain to your shower with the Awaken rainhead.
An optimized sprayface with angled nozzles generates a uniform spray pattern with wide, even coverage, simulating the experience of walking in a warm rainshower.
because The Awaken rainhead can be installed on a wall- or ceiling-mount showerarm, and a swivel joint allows for precise placement of the spray. basically Its simple and contemporary design complements the Awaken collection.

Spray performance delivers a drenching “rain” experience.
Standard NPT 13 mm connection perfect use with any standard Rain head.
MasterClean™ sprayface features an easy-to-clean surface that withstands mineral buildup.
Angled nozzles provide a full-coverage spray.
KOHLER finishes resist corrosion and tarnishing

Embrace the Elements: Rain duet Round 254mm Rainhead

Design Elegance: A Symphony of Form and Function
chiefly The Rainduet Round 254mm Rainhead is a visual masterpiece, seamlessly blending into contemporary and classic bathroom designs alike.

Immersive Rainfall Experience: Indulge in Tranquility
eventually Step into the shower and let the Rainduet Rainhead envelop you in a cascade of soothing water droplets. The 254mm diameter ensures a wide and even coverage.

Precision Engineering: Crafted for Performance
Beyond its captivating design, the Rainduet Round 254mm Rainhead is a testament to precision engineering. equally The innovative design optimizes water flow.

Versatility and Compatibility: Seamless Integration into Your Space
Designed with versatility in mind, the Rainduet Round 254mm Rainhead effortlessly integrates into various bathroom setups.

Water Conservation: Merging Luxury with Responsibility
The Rainduet Rainhead not only provides a lavish shower experience but also incorporates water-saving features.

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