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Single-function 54-nozzle bodyspray delivers a soothing spray. With maximum flow rate of 9.5 lpm.
Fully adjustable spray face pivots for targeted hydromassage.
MasterClean™ spray face features an easy-to-clean surface that withstands mineral buildup.
Life-50: Tested for 50 years of use, Kohler’s unique Cartridges have near diamond hardness ceramic discs which grind debris and have a polishing effect for smooth & precise operation.
Life-Bright: Resists corrosion and wear two times longer than industry standard. Kohler Vibrant products have 4 layers of coating for added protection
Standard 13 mm NPT connection.

Revitalize Your Shower Experience with the 54-Nozzle Body Spray System

Indulge in Luxury and Comfort with Precision Water Distribution
In the pursuit of the ultimate shower experience, accordingly the 54-nozzle bodyspray system stands out as a testament to innovation and luxury. Designed to elevate your daily routine.

Unparalleled Coverage and Precision:
The heart of this revolutionary body spray system lies in its 54 precisely positioned nozzles, strategically engineered to provide comprehensive water coverage. Say goodbye to uneven water distribution and hello to a shower experience that envelops your entire body in a soothing cascade of water.

Customizable Comfort:
Embrace the power to tailor your shower experience to your unique preferences. basically The 54-nozzle system allows you to adjust the water pressure, spray pattern, and temperature.

Efficiency in Design:
Crafted with both functionality and aesthetics in mind, the 54-nozzle body spray system seamlessly integrates into modern bathrooms. The sleek and minimalist design not only enhances the visual appeal of your shower space but also ensures easy installation and maintenance.

Water Conservation Conscious:
In an era where environmental responsibility is paramount, the 54-nozzle body spray system takes a conscientious approach to water usage.

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