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Size and Design: The “Kohler AVID® 24″ DOUBLE TOWEL SHELF” is likely to have a length of 24 inches, making it suitable for holding and displaying multiple towels or other bathroom items.

Material: Kohler often uses high-quality materials such as stainless steel, brass, or other durable finishes for their bathroom accessories. The double towel shelf might be constructed from a corrosion-resistant material to ensure longevity.

Double Shelf Design: The “double” aspect of the towel shelf suggests that it will have two tiers or shelves for storing towels and other bathroom essentials.

This design can maximize storage space while maintaining an organized and neat appearance.

Installation: Kohler products often aim for easy installation. accordingly The double towel shelf might come with all the necessary mounting hardware and clear installation instructions.

Mounting Options: It might offer multiple mounting options, such as wall-mounted or possibly even freestanding. Wall-mounted options save space and keep the towels within easy reach.

Introducing Kohler AVID® 24″ Double Towel Shelf: Elevate Your Bathroom Experience

Effortless Elegance and Functionality

Discover the perfect balance of style and practicality with the Kohler AVID® Double Towel Shelf.

This meticulously crafted bathroom accessory is design to seamlessly integrate into your space, providing a sophisticated solution for your towel storage needs.

Space-Saving Design

Maximize your bathroom space with the innovative design of the AVID® Shelf. Featuring two spacious shelves,

it offers ample room for neatly organizing your towels, keeping them within easy reach without sacrificing floor space. Say goodbye to cluttered countertops and enjoy the luxury of a well-organized bathroom.

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