Anthem Six-outlet recessed valve control K-26350T-9-2MB

K-26350T-9-2MB Anthem™ Six-outlet recessed mechanical thermostatic valve control

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Anthem Six Outlets, Thermostatic technology allows you to maintain consistent temperature and flow control for the ultimate shower experience. This sleek thermostatic valve control panel with recessed push buttons is designed for use with an Kohler Anthem six-port thermostatic valve (K-26344T). The trim plate includes a temperature control knob with integrated adjustable high-temperature limit stop as well as shower outlet activation buttons that pop out for the adjustment of water flow (up to 49.2 lpm).


  • Anthem Six Outlets, Trim plate includes temperature control knob with integrated adjustable high-temperature limit stop and shower outlet on/off buttons
  • When pressed once, shower outlet turns on and button pops out, becoming a knob for water flow adjustment
  • When pressed back in, water turns off and outlet button aligns with control plate surface; flow setting remains intact
  • High-temperature limit setting for added safety
  • Low-profile design with easy-to-clean water-resistant casing
  • Requires six-port thermostatic valve with integral volume control (sold separately)
  • Handles up to 13 gpm (49.2 lpm) flow capacity (rate may vary by installation)

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